21 dic. 2009

The basics.

The basics. If you don’t know this, maybe you should grab some of your little brother’s books from 2º eso, and get over it! Play this Slideshare presentation and follow the activities inside. Again, post your written work to me for quick feedback. I hope you find it useful!

Afraid of English?

Are you afraid of English? At oksonowhat you will not to be afraid anymore. I have found an extraordinary English teacher…get ready to meet Mr. Duncan, who presents in this video a great and new way to learn vocabulary.
Pay attention to vocabulary related to FEAR. With this video you will learn a lot of useful words to talk about FEAR, so use them and then forget about being afraid for the rest of your BACHILLERATO course. Get ready to scream!
After watching:
- I highly recommend you to build at least one sentence with each word, once the video is over. Open a word document and write your sentences there. Then post them to me. I will check your sentences as soon as possible.
- What things make you feel frightened? And terrified? And what do you find frightening? And terrifying? Post your answers to me and then you will know whether you are good or evil with the differences in –ed/-ing adjectives…

16 dic. 2009

Your English teacher on your mobile phone!

(Photo via www.yourparentinginfo.com)

Think about how you study English. Think about how you have learned what you have learned so far... Are you used to memorizing long lists of vocabulary? Do you prefer to look words up in a dictionary? Are you tired of grammar rules? In Bangladesh a new technology is offered to students of English. It has become really popular among young students, because it consists of.... Read this article to find out, and then do these activities:

A) Getting at vocabulary: the article contains useful words for your Bachillerato course. Find the meaning of the ones that are listed here below. You can use this fantastic online dictionary: wordreference. Open a word document and copy all the words, along with their meaning in Spanish. Then save a digital copy in the computer for the teacher, and one for yourself.

NOUNS: trade - network - key - poverty - firm - survey- aim - wage - income - scope - knowledge - rates

ADJECTIVES: impoverished - available - overwhelmed - short-sighted - proud

VERBS: launched - get on board -rip off - realised - involve - wiped out -blamed -tackles

B) Getting at the chore: write some notes about the following: 1) Do you agree or disagree with this new way to teach English? 2)Would you like to have this type of lessons directly in your phone?

Also think about this: 3)How would you implement technology to the way you learn English? (Spare me the translators, please)

Now, in groups of 3 or 4 students, discuss and write down a top ten list of good ways to learn English.
Finally, try to be more critic... in what ways can technology also disturb your English learning? Think and compare with your classmates and your English teacher.